Blue Collar Migrants, Odisha Ranks Third In Outflow

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New Delhi: Almost 13 per cent of the estimated 120 million blue-collar migrant workers in the country moving out in search of jobs come from Odisha, placing it only after Uttar Pradesh and Assam. The statistics might not sound encouraging for the state but speak volumes about the demand for their knowledge and skills in the big metros and industrial conglomerates.

For the most, Karnataka has emerged as a sought-after destination for employment over the traditional job creation centres such as the Delhi-NCR region and financial capital Mumbai.

Tech capital Bengaluru has emerged as the country’s biggest destinations for the workers, attracting as much as 5-7 million of the 120 million workers, HRtech start-up BetterPlace has revealed.

“While Delhi and Mumbai were the most popular places for such migrants earlier, there is a big shift towards Bengaluru among new blue-collar migrants,” BetterPlace CEO Pravin Agarwala told Economic Times.

The findings of the survey are based on data from over 500 employers with a total of two million employees.

Only eight per cent of the migrant workers are female. The migrant workers are typically younger: 35% falling in the 18-20 age group and 30% in the 26-30 age group. The findings also revealed that 35% fall in the Rs 15,000-20,000 monthly salary earning group and only 14% above Rs 30,000 monthly earnings. They repatriate as much as 60% of their earnings home and are aspirational, looking to acquire two-wheelers, smartphones, financial products, health products and more.

Top States Contributing to the migrant flow:

1. Uttar Pradesh 19%
2. Assam 15%
3. Odisha 13%
4. Bihar 12%
5 Andhra Pradesh 9%

Top Arrival Destinations:

1. Bengaluru 40%
2. Gurgaon 15%
3. New Delhi 12%
4. Hyderabad 14%
5. Mumbai 6%

Jobs typically the migrant workers get engaged to are as follows:

1. Drivers               41%
2. Delivery workers 32%
3. Security Guard
& House Keeping
staff                       9%



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