Bhubaneswar Golf Club to host India Learn Golf Week from today

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Bhubaneswar: To papularise and provide platform to new golfers and those keen to learn the basics of the game, Bhubaneswar Golf Club (BGC) will host the India Learn Golf Week (ILGW) at Bhubaneswar Golf Course from September 26 to October 1.

The weeklong programme, an initiative of the Golf Industry Association (GIA) in partnership with Indian Golf Union (IGU), will be held at 30 to 40 golf clubs and driving ranges of the country at the same time. The ILGW aims to attract 100,000 new golfers during the event.

According to BGC sources, a club member can register and enrol a nominee at Rs 200. There is no limit on the nominees a member can enrol as the event aims to make the game accessible to people as is the case with other sports. Golf can be played alone as well as with family and it is meant for all age groups, the sources added.

“If every active golfing club member signs up one family member or friend for a golf clinic, we hope that a few thousand potential golfers will be introduced to the game in a week. Students can sign up for further lesson packages at Bhubaneswar Golf Club,” said Bhubaneswar Golf Club Captain P K Mohanty.

The participants will be provide golf clubs and balls. “The golfers will have five sessions of one hour each everyday. Golf instructors will provide introductory golfing lessons as per the curricula approved by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of America,” Mohanty added.