City Lads Show The Way To Stay Fit With Right Diet

Bhubaneswar: With lifestyle getting messier and food getting unhealthier, youngsters have started to pick carefully what they eat. Some can also be seen hitting the gym. However, the mass cannot seem to find their way out of the ‘perfect body’ mindset, which includes a thin waist, packs and abs, and other such muscle gains.

Shifting focus from just the body shape to health, Varun Mishra held city’s first session on fitness. “It is a lifestyle and not a crash course that you join the gym for a few months, get that desired body and quit. It is about stuffing your body with what it needs and the nutrition it requires,” he said.

A B.Tech student, currently studying nutrition, he has been training and guiding Prakruti Mishra, Odia film and Hindi Television actress, on fitness. “We have had a few work-out sessions with her and I take care of what she eats. For celebrities, it is difficult to maintain a hardcore diet as they keep moving or going to events. We have to look into their day’s schedule and plan accordingly,” he added.

Besides, the humble and cooperative nature of the actress makes their work easier.

“It was indeed a crazy experience with Varun. He is not just a great dietician but also a great friend with the right knowledge about fitness. We lack in smartness when it comes to fitness, which Varun adds to out lifestyle by making the diet absolutely interesting. I am so relieved to have him as a friend. He is just perfect with his fitness mantras,” said the National Award-winning actress.

Varun, with his brother Tejaswar Sathpathy, a dentist, started ‘Diet is Everything’- a first-of-its-kind venture to promote a healthy lifestyle in the city. “It has been a year and we initially kept it open and free for all because people have to understand that everything they aspire for regarding their body, starts from their plate,” he said.


The duo transformed themselves. “We weighed more than a hundred kilograms. It was the body shaming that made us hit the gym and get rid of all the fat, that took us about two and a half years. Now we realize the gym culture is teaching us all the wrong things. I have been studying nutrition and there’s a deeper understanding as to why our body functions the way it does and where we go wrong,” he further added.

Being a basketball player added to his efforts though he had to control the foodie in him.


Varun is also a model and walked the ramp during JD Annual Awards Show 2018, Aafreen 2018 for designer Reemly Mohanty and KIFT Annual Fashion Exhibition 2018.

The session on Sunday saw several youngsters, including models and fashion blogger Luma and Leesha Rath and actress Prakruti Mishra. There were questions about the kind of food to be eaten in case there is a disease or how to enjoy and follow a sustainable diet.