CRUT Suspends ‘MoPass’ For 4 Days, To Issue Manual Tickets

Photograph: Suprakash Mishra
Reading Time: 1 minute

Bhubaneswar: The Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT), which runs Mo Bus service in the city, has suspended ‘MoPass’ for four days.

“Due to migration of CRUT data from cloud servers to the server of Bhubaneswar Operations Centre (BOC), there will be a temporary disruption in the availability and issue of MoPass from June 12 to June 16,” CRUT informed on Tuesday.

To minimise any inconvenience, riders will be issued manual tickets, it said, adding that it will also extend the date of validity for existing pass holders by the number of days its application and services will be down for the changeover.

However, the individual mobile applications of the three agencies under MoCycle – Hexi, Yaana and Yulu will not be impacted by this data migration and MoCycles can be rented through their respective applications, it further said.

CRUT runs 195 buses on 20 routes in the city.