Elephant Herd Wreaks Havoc In Keonjhar

Elephant herd moving in Nilagiri in Balasore on Thursday. Photograph: Odishabytes
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Keonjhar: A herd of 23 elephants have wreaked havoc in Chemana village of Keonjhar district by destroying paddy and vegetable cultivations since Thursday night.

According to information, the herd coming from Pahadabhanga area of Mayurbhanj district strayed into the human settlement after crossing the Baitarani River apparently in search of food.

Being informed about the incident, the forest personnel have put in relentless efforts to chase the herd away.

“The herd, including two female elephants, has been moving in eucalyptus forest near the village. We have not slept last night for the presence of the elephants. The forest officials should take immediate steps to drive the animals away to distant jungles”, a panic-stricken villager said.

Rampaging elephants have become a serious cause of concern in the village and nearby areas of the district. The residents are in a state of havoc due to such menace. Therefore, we demand that the forest department should take concrete steps to prevent elephants from entering into the human habitation, the villager added.