Facebook To Merge WhatsApp, Instagram & Messenger Chats

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Bhubaneswar: Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is interested in cross-linking chats across its social platforms Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. A New York Times report stated that the apps will remain as standalone units but would allow communication between the apps. For example, an Instagram user can ping a friend on WhatsApp and chat via their respective apps.

This would break barriers between the platforms. The apps will be separately accessed as now. Each will get a common messaging system integration.

The report says that this news is facing resistant amongst employees of Instagram and WhatsApp on concerns of privacy and encryption. While Instagram and WhatsApp provides a certain level of anonymity, Facebook doesn’t. Instagram co-founders had left the company in 2018.

The report also said that Zuckerberg was vague in answering the concerns of WhatsApp and Instagram employees which has left many dissatisfied.

The grand unification of the messaging services is expected to roll out in 2020.