These Famous Women In Odisha Handloom Will Give You Wardrobe Goals!

Bhubaneswar: In a party, or a formal meeting, don an Ikat/Bomkai saree with confidence on your face and it will never go wrong! Such is the power of Odisha Handloom. It has become an inseparable part of so many people.

But, did you know famous personalities from Indira Gandhi to Pratibha Patil to Madhuri Dixit flaunted Odisha Handloom sarees on some occasion or the other. Here are some pictures to reminisce how many known women have draped the beautiful sarees of Odisha origin.

Indira Gandhi- It is important we start with the first woman Prime Minister of India. She was often seen in Sambalpuri sarees and can be tagged as the ‘brand ambassador’ of the same as she popularized the handloom in various parts of the country and the world.

Sonia Gandhi- A well-known face of the Gandhi household, Sonia has mostly been seen in sober looking sarees in pastel shades. The Odisha Handloom added more to her simplicity. 

Pratibha Devi Singh Patil- Former President of India, she was mostly seen in Sambalpuri sarees, that gave her a formal yet graceful look. 

Vidya Balan- The actress, known for donning best of sarees, was also seen in Odisha Handloom saree quite a few times. Her perfect attitude only made the fabric look even better!

Madhuri Dixit- The dance diva of Bollywood too has had taken to Sambalpuri fabric. What she wore was not a saree but salwar kameez and we can’t take our eyes off her. 

Tisca Chopra- The brilliant actress was in Bhubaneswar last year and wore a Sambalpuri patta saree at a fashion show in the city. She posted on Instagram about how much she fell in love with the fabric.

Kirron Kher- The legendary actress is also popular for the glamourous sarees she sports, but can any of them beat the Odisha Handloom she donned once?

Priyanka Gandhi- Gandhi family scion, taking it from the other women, is also often seen in Odisha handloom. 

Taslima Nasreen- Bangladeshi author took Twitter earlier this year and posted some pictures of her in Odisha handloom with caption suggesting her fondness for the same.