Follow These Tips And Ensure A Glowing Skin In Winter

Bhubaneswar: With cold wave, not only comes lethargy but also a dry, cracked and dull skin. What appears on the outside, is also often a reflection of what goes inside.

We spoke to two Odisha-based make-up artists and beauticians, who gave us some tips to get rid of the itchy dry skin during this weather.

1. Drink water: Romma says the one important thing we often forget to do, is drinking enough water. “We think it is winter and we won’t get dehydrated but the body needs about three-four liters of water daily, whatever the season. So, it’s important to drink as much water as one does during summer,” she says.

Picture Courtesy: isrg rajan

2. Balanced diet: Beautician Poonam says a diet that includes all the nutrients is a must during this weather to keep the skin healthy. “What we take in plays a major role. People must eat seasonal fruits and dry fruits and Vitamins C, E and D,” Poonam adds.

3. Moisturizer: While there are many creams available, it is important to pick the right one, says Romma. “We should not use the same moisturizer that we use in summer. During winter, we need deep nourishing creams. Besides, a coastal region like ours has plenty of virgin coconut oil that is any day the best source of moisture for the skin. It does not block pores and keeps the skin supple and healthy,” she adds.

4. Sun-screen: What we often fail to realise is that the sun’s rays are equally harmful during winter. “In fact, they tend to do more harm and tan you more during winter as there is lack of moisture. So, before stepping out, it is important to apply a good moisturiser and also sun screen,” says Poonam.

5. Facemask: Romma says if we are unwilling to go for deep moisturisers or cannot lay our hands on any, using a night face mask can help. “Apply your summer cream normally and then add about four layers of the cream on your face before you sleep. Wipe it off the next morning and trust me, nothing feels as good. I personally do this during a difficult and tiring day. It rejuvenates the skin,” Romma adds.

Poonam, on the other hand, says honey and papaya face mask can do wonders. “Almond oil is another magical option to go for,” Poonam further says.

Apart from this, the two highly recommend physical activity involving sweat as we tend to be lazier around this time. More sweat will ensure a better release of toxic substances and thus, a glowing healthy skin!