Watch: Screen Tales Of The Mahatma

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Bhubaneswar: When thinking about the freedom struggle, the one name that stands out, is of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, or Mahatma Gandhi. The lean and thin Gandhi, with a mighty heart and strong will, went on to achieve Independence without the use of violence. His actions spoke louder than his words.

What he preached and propagated, still breathes in many households. To bring to the fore his stories and life, various books have been written and several movies made. Since movies have been abuzz, here are some of our favourite picks that chronicles his life in ways that none other could.

Nine Hours To Rama (1963)

Directed by Mark Robson, this film is an adaptation of a book by the same name, authored by Stanley Wolpert. Unique from rest of the movies and documentaries made on Gandhi, this focuses on the nine hours of the life of Nathuram Godse before he assassinates Gandhi.

All the characters, interestingly, have been played by British, German or American actors. It does not feature a single Indian actors.

Mahatma: Life of Gandhi (1968)

This documentary film released in 1968, has been directed by Vithalbhai Jhaveri. It details the life of Gandhi using animation, live photography, and some old stills. Different versions of this documentary were released, including a five-hour long English version as well as a Hindi version of two hours and 20 minutes.

Gandhi (1982)

This 1982 British-Indian film directed by Richard Attenborough features Ben Kingsley in the titular role. The film primarily focuses on his early life, including his visit to South Africa. It elaborates his role in the freedom struggle till his assassination in 1948. This critically acclaimed movie is a must watch for ‘Gandhians’.

The Making Of Mahatma (1996)

Adapted from a book ‘The Apprenticeship of a Mahatma’ authored by Fatima Meer, this film was a joint collaboration between India and South Africa, directed by Shyam Benegal. It throws light on Gandhi’s life. His 21 years stay in South Africa has been shown in detail as he adapted his non-violent movement against racial discrimination- apartheid- due to which several black people were exploited.

Hey Raam (2000)

Made in Hindi and Tamil, Hey Raam is a period-crime drama directed by Kamal Hassan who plays the main protagonist in the movie. The movie tells the story of India’s partition and the murder of Gandhi by Nathuram Godse. Shahrukh Khan also featured in the movie in an extended cameo as Amjad Ali Khan.

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara (2005)

Though the movie does not entirely speak about Mahatma Gandhi, it portrays the life of a Hindi professor played by Anupam Kher, who believes that he killed Gandhi. He starts believing so after an incident from his childhood. Directed by Jahnu Barua, the film starred Urmila Matondkar as the professor’s daughter.

Gandhi My Father (2007)

This movie focuses on Gandhi’s son Hiralal Gandhi, featuring Akshaye Khanna in the lead role with Darshan Jariwala playing the Gandhi. It was more about the troubled relationship between Gandhi and his son than about his life in particular. The 2007 Bolly drama was directed by Feroz Abbas Khan.

Gandhi To Hitler (2011)

Based on ‘The Downfall’ letters penned by Gandhi addressed to Hitler, the film glimpses World War II and has been directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar. While Raghubir Yadav played HItler, Avijit Dutt was seen as Gandhi.