Headless Carcass Of Bengal Tiger Found In Debrigarh Sanctuary

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Bargarh: The Forest staff of Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha’s Bagarh district on Sunday recovered the decomposed carcass of a Royal Bengal tiger.

According to reports, the Forest staff while patrolling noticed a pit inside the sanctuary in the morning. Upon digging the pit, they found the decomposed carcass of a Royal Bengal tiger with head severed. Besides, the nail and teeth of the tiger were found missing.

The Forest staff suspect that the poachers after killing the tiger had taken out its teeth and nail and dumped it inside the pit after severing its head.

In course of an investigation, it was found that the poachers had set a trap to catch the wild boars in which the tiger was caught. The autopsy of the tiger has revealed that it was killed a week ago.

A Wildlife team from Bhubaneswar, which rushed to the sanctuary for an on-the-spot investigation, has confirmed that the tiger has been killed by the poachers.

The Forest department had recently found the presence of a Royal Bengal tiger in this sanctuary through the trap cameras installed at various locations in the core forest area.