Is Rs 2.5 Lakh Too Expensive For Hrithik Roshan, Asks His Sister

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Not everything is fine between Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan and his sister Sunaina Roshan. And the reason is reportedly to do with Sunaina’s affair with a Muslim man, Ruhail Amin.

Sunaina, in an interview with Pinkvilla, has revealed that the Roshans have denied paying her house rent because of her affair with Ruhail.

The situation came to light when Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel tweeted about Sunaina being harassed by the Roshans. The Roshans are forbidding Sunaina from being with the man she loves, alleged Rangoli.

Sunanina also said her father Rakesh Roshan slapped her for being in a relationship with a Muslim man. She alleged that her brother too doesn’t support her and refused to pay her rent when she wanted to move out of the family home.

“Hrithik has no take as he is under my father’s guidance right now. Nobody is okay with my relationship, neither Hrithik nor my father. Hrithik had promised me that he would get me a house of my own, wherever that I wanted in Mumbai, but he has not done that. When I found a rented apartment for myself in Lokhandwala, he said it’s too expensive for me. Is 2.5 lakhs rent too expensive for him? I don’t think so. He didn’t stick to his words. Everybody is harassing me today. There is a certain perception that you just want your pocket money to be increased to maintain your lifestyle and socialising. Two days back I had asked my parents for money and they refused. Today they gave me just Rs.50,000 to run expenses for the entire months. Why am I not allowed more? I am their daughter. Am I not entitled to have more money being a Roshan? Since a year back I wasn’t allowed any money but two days back, I asked my mom (Pinky) that I wanted a certain amount,” said Sunaina in the interview.

Hrithik’s ex-wife, Sussanne Khan, posted the following on Instagram:


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Sunaina also went on to state that she supported Kangana and she believes that there must have some truth to her allegations.



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