Lingaraj Temple Rings In New Year Today

Lingaraj_temple_Bhubaneswar Mahashivrtari
Image Source: Wikipedia Commons
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Bhubaneswar: The New Year of Lord Lingaraj started on the occasion of Kanya Sankranti on Tuesday.

As per the rituals on the occasion, Lord Lingaraj was adorned with a new dress after Mangala Alati and Abakasa. He will also be served special prasad on a silver platter.

During Sahanamela, Samatha Sevayats will put a new flag on the top of the Lingaraj temple and then the temple administration will organise a Sobhayatra.

According to sources, the Pahada Niti (ritual) will be performed after the Puja Panda Sevayats reach Meghadamru with Panchabakra Deba.