Must Watch: ‘Odaa Maati’, A Song Of Petrichor, Love & Teenage

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Bhubaneswar: When it rains, have you ever breathed the air carrying the smell of earth when first drops hit the soil? The smell, petrichor, has always been a poet’s muse.

While some take petrichor as a symbol of strangeness, some relate it to love. Lyricist and composer Gagan Beura, amalgamated both of them for a song that will enliven the teen years of all ‘firsts’ feelings. “It’s a folk-pattern song and the title track of my ‘Odaa Maati’ project,” he said.

Released on his channel, Dhoon Odia, this song has been sung by young singer Sanchita Subhadarshini, for whom this a different theme. “It’s about a girl enjoying the nature as she experiences new feelings. She is in a delusion that the feeling might be that of love,” she said.

The composition, she added, is not the usual romantic type. “I relate to it because it fits my age group and the feeling of love is what makes me happy here, not a lover,” she said.

Gagan also released another song that talks about ‘Pahili Raja’ sung by Monali Madhusmita.

“Another music video will be released soon. Sung by Shiuli Ghosh, it describes a married woman’s emotions when Raja parba begins. I picked her to sing this one because she is married and will be able to relate to the song more,” he added.