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Have we stagnated as a society? The question does not render itself to easy answers. Any attempt at one is likely to get enmeshed in subjective assessment, personal prejudices and stubborn opinions. With thousands of voices demanding to be heard, we may get chaos in the end instead of a clear answer. But societies need to step beyond their comfort zones from time to time to introspect and put themselves under harsh scrutiny. From the chaos will emerge the path to rejuvenation.

We at www.odishabytes.com intend to kick off an immersive conversation on the state of our society with Odia asmita (pride) as the guiding theme. Our series of articles will examine Odisha from a myriad angles. Not all will be flattering to the collective ego. Some will be uncomfortably candid. We would be happy to receive equally sharp rebuttals, logically argued, devoid of personal attacks and expressed with coherence. We invite thought-provoking articles from readers too.

We promise to make it an intellectually-stimulating exercise and provide our readers a never before experience. Welcome to the chaos!

Alumni Meet To Boost Utkal University Platinum Jubilee Show

For an institution marked for eternity, 75 years is not such a long journey. By the measure of time Utkal University may still be a toddler, moving ahead in unsteady babysteps, its tiny feet trying to explore the ground beneath. Or it may be in early adolescence, a tad unsure of itself but impatient to march into the uncharted future. As milestones go, three quarters of a century may not mean much to the institution, but for thousands of those whose lives it has shaped it matters. Jubilee celebrations are their way of saying thanks. Without the university they wouldn’t be at the stations which they occupy in the universe. Without it they would be aimless flakes in the wind.

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Bali Jatra

Odisha Of Yore

Of Hazy Memory And Inadequate History

Communal memory is more powerful than history. Our ancient maritime glory lives on in collective memory through the…

Puri In Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology offers strong hints of maritime links with ancient Odisha. The land it mentions as Put or Punt…

In Odisha’s West, A Different Bali Jatra

In Sonepur, the land of Shakti worship, Bali Jatra assumes a different meaning altogether. According to tradition,…

The Cultural Connection

Wayang kulit, the shadow-puppetry show, popular in South-East nations has similarities to the nearly extinct…
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Bali Jatra

Memories Hazy And Vivid

Eighty-two years old now and his memory of the first visit to Bali Jatra is a bit hazy. "It was around 1957," says…

Dry Fish Special

What makes a fair special? It has to be the fascinating mix of smells, sounds and sights. It was true half a…

Old Habits Die Hard

Food is what attracted many to Bali Jatra. The range of eatables was wide. "Dahibara and aloo dum sold the most.…

Bali Jatra With A Tinge Of Nostalgia

"Nothing would stop our trips to the Jatra. A bunch of youngsters would set off on cycles from our hostel in…
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