Odisha Police To Launch Special Drive For Smooth Management Of Events During Festival Season


Bhubaneswar: Odisha Police has decided to launch a special drive to arrest accused persons in different pending investigation cases, unearth illegal fire arms and execute warrants to ensure smooth management of various events during this festival season.

Director General of Police (DGP) Rajendra Prasad Sharma, on Friday issued a set of instructions to all the SPs and DCPs asking them to lay special emphasis on maintaining law and order during the different events being organised during this festival season, beginning with Ganesh Puja to Kartik Purnima / Baliyatra festival.

He said that in the past, some provocative acts have led to law and order situation in some parts of the state. Since there may be provocations over animal sacrifice in the Shakti Pithas as well as playing of loud speakers at high decibel during the idol immersion procession, the DGP directed the SPs to be very careful. He also called upon the SPs to pay special attention to communally sensitive districts.

“The RSS will observe its Foundation Day on the day of Vijaya Dasami (October 19) and Muharram will be observed in the state on November 21 coinciding with the immersion procession of Ganesh Puja and Vishwakarma Puja at some places. This may cause some kind of disturbance in some parts of the state. To tackle such difficult situations, the SPs have been instructed to be very careful and alert during this festival season.

Keeping all these things in view and to prevent any untoward situation, the DGP has asked the SPs to take the anti-social/mischief mongers/communal fanatics under preventive detention under section 110 of CrPC and also that anti-socials be bound down under section 107 of CrPC to prevent breach of peace in the locality.

Besides, he also informed that raids will be conducted against illicit distillation and sale of liquor and strict conditions shall be put for proper regulation under section 30 of the Police Act (Urban Police Act in Commissionerate) and Odisha Fire Works and Loud Speaker Act while granting licenses for medhas and immersion processions.