Pakistan Declares War Against India On Social Media!

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New Delhi: The unemployed techies and IT pass-outs in Pakistan are suddenly in great demand.

Before you could figure out the possibilities, the country’s celebrated Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has gone on a massive hiring spree and recruited hundreds of them with the sole intention of damaging India’s image in the virtual world.

Fake accounts on social media:  

Thousands of fake accounts have been activated overnight on the social media platform to paddle out fake and fabricated news against India after the abrogation of Article 370.

According to media reports, people at large are being encouraged to post false, fabricated anti-India content on Facebook and Twitter. The newly-recruited techies and hackers have been tasked to spread fake posts morphed pictures and videos showing the Indian Army in the Kashmir valley in poor light.

Mail Today reported that high-tech facilities have been set up in the country to fuel anti-India sentiments in the virtual world.

A US hackers group claimed that hackers in Pakistan are working overtime to infect the website of key organisations and establishments in India.

It’s not a covert operation anymore:

Media reports said that Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has called on the people of Kashmir to declare a social war against India by sharing videos and photographs about the alleged India atrocities.

An act of desperation:

Pakistan feels cornered on the issue of the scrapping of Article 370. The unfavourable response from the United Nation and the United State’s silence on the matter has demoralized the country. It has very little options to make the international community act against India. China seems to be the only nation upset with India’s decision but it could well be cardboard anger to pacify Pakistan, a US-based security expert told CNN in an interview.

India’s response: 

Pakistan’s acts have, however, not gone unnoticed in India. The IT Ministry is learned to have asked Twitter and Facebook to remove the false accounts which have sprung up especially after the abrogation of Article 370.



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