Samaleswari Express Accident: Trains Diverted, Partially Cancelled In Odisha

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Bhubaneswar: The East Coast Railway (ECoR) on Tuesday diverted and partially cancelled trains following the accident involving 18005 Howarh-Jagdalpur Samaleswari Express, in which three persons were killed, between Rayagada and Koraput.


18448 Jagadalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express from Jagadalpur on June 25 will run on diverted route via Koraput-Kottavalasa-Vizianagaram route bypassing Koraput-Rayagada-Vizianagaram Section.

Partially Cancelled:

01. 18108 Jagadalpur-Rourkela Express from Jagadalpur on June 24 will run up to Laxmipur Road and will run as a passenger special from Laxmipur to Jagadalpur.

02. 58301/58302 Sambalpur-Koraput-Sambalpur Passenger from Sambalpur on June 25 and from Koraput on June 26 will run between Sambalpur and Rayagada and will remain cancelled between Rayagada and Koraput from both the directions.

03. 18005/18006 Howrah-Jagadalpur-Howrah Samaleswari Express from Howrah on June 24 and from Jagadalpur on June 26 will run between Rayagada & Howrah and remain cancelled between Rayagada & Jagadalpur from both the directions.



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