Stand Up Comedian Tickles The Funny Bone Of Odisha Capital Dwellers

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Bhubaneswar: City denizens were rolling on the floor quite literally and laughing, when The Chain Jokers’ stand up comedian Priyaranjan Sahoo reminded the audience of the evolution process and reminded them of the Big Bang theory and other popular stories from our folklore on Sunday evening.

He pulled fast ones on the taboo surrounding sex in our society through several jokes in the show titled, ‘Tere Baap Ka Baap Ka Baap… Ka Baap Bandar Tha’, sparing no one.

One of the spectators, Anwesha Tripathy, said it was really cool to see comedy picking up in the city. “The general notion here, from what I know, people can barely take a joke. It is great to see this trend starting, and most importantly, with meaningful content. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and wish to see more such events here,” she added.

Post the show, Priyaranjan Sahoo expressed the need to support independent artists. “It has been a difficult journey because we had to pull of something like this here since many people did not even know about our existence. Of course, there have been popular comedians and national shows in India but in a city, where it was not very popular locally, it was a challenge,” he said.

The audience for good content and comic artists has increased, he added. “More people are coming in and what is more, they are ready to pay for it now. Otherwise, they would only pay for big artists like Zakir Khan. I am glad there is a supportive crowd growing in our city,” he said.



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