A Taste Of Nature’s Bounty At Devkund Waterfall

Bhubaneswar: Driving through the verdant pathways of the National Highway, a group of bikers from the city went to explore Devkund, around 250 kilometers from Bhubaneswar.

The group, Dominar Owner’s Club Bhubaneswar, drove towards this beautiful waterfall early on Sunday morning. In a conversation with Odisha Bytes, one of the members, Dibya Prakash Rath shared their experience.

The pristine waterfall

Devkund (or Debakunda, where the gods take a bath), around 60 km from Baripada, is situated in the Simlipal range in Mayurbhanj district. It is a big natural basin with a temple on top and is one of the five waterfalls that fall into a Kund. For this reason, the place is also popularly known as Pancha Kunda. The other four waterfalls are Amrit Kund, Ghrita Kund, Haladi Kund and Devi Kund.

Devkund is at a height of 51ft. Besides being a tourist attraction, it is also a picnic spot.

According to Dibya, the place is extremely placid. “I was so engrossed in the sound of flowing water, chirping birds, rattling leaves and the wind that I didn’t even realise how and when I completed the walking distance. The water was icy cold!” Dibya said.

How to get there?

One can reach Baripada or Udala on a bus and reach the National Highway before the Devkund diversion. Since there are no buses to Devkund, one can take a taxi to the waterfall.

After reaching there, one has to book tickets or get an entry pass. From there, the road gets slushy but after completing the trail, one reaches the parking lot. A two km walk from the parking lot takes you to 150 steps. It is only after you brave all this that the beautiful waterfall unfolds in front of you.

When you start walking, you can see a stream of water flowing beside the road.

Where to stay?

devkund waterfall

If one plans to stay and roam around longer, Udala is the perfect place. It is around 15-20 km away from Devkund. It is advisable to start on time from Bhubaneswar as the entry is closed after 2 pm and elephants often visit the waterfall at night.

When to go?

devkund waterfall

Monsoon is one of the best times to visit as nature is at its best with swelling water, heavy waterfall and lush greenery. However, winter is also a great time for picnics.