Tendulkar Sues Aussie Bat Firm For Unpaid Royalties

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An Australian bat manufacturing company has landed on a sticky wicket after Sachin Tendulkar sued it for allegedly failing to pay him royalties for using his name and image on sporting goods.

The former cricketer accused Sydney-based bat-maker Spartan Sports of not paying him almost $2 million in dues under an exclusive agreement signed between the two parties, according to a report by Pragativadinewsservice from Sydney.

As per the agreement, the company was given the right to use Tendulkar’s name, image and promotional services to sell “Sachin by Spartan” products. The imagery included a distinctive silhouette logo on clothing and bats.

Tendulkar sued a number of Spartan companies for misleading or deceptive conduct, including for allegedly representing that he endorsed the products and the Spartan brand.

The case was filed by Tendulkar in the Federal Circuit Court in Sydney. A preliminary hearing of the dispute is slated for June 26 in Sydney.



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