Visting A Foreign Country Or Want To Know Which Plant It Is? Just Point Your Phone Camera

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Language problem is a genuine woe for travellers and people migrating to different places. In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the language barrier is reducing. While translating manually is a cumbersome process, and sometimes not possible if you do not know how to type the language, there are new ways in which you just have to open your camera and see the translation in real time.

The app to do so was formerly known as Word Lens. Now, it is Google Lens.

All you have to do is download the Google Lens app on your phone from Play Store and open it. Once you open the app, the camera pops up. You have to point to the signboard or menu that you want to translate. It can automatically detect the language. You can also manually set it according to your need.











Apart from language translations, you can search for images, shopping and text ones as well. For example, you can point at a pair of shoes you see somewhere and Google can search for the same available online and give links to buy them.


As Google is the king of searches, it can provide you all the info as you would normally search as well. It can also help you identify plants and animals by simply pointing the camera at them.

Is there something Google can’t do?



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