Want To Study In Canada? Faster, Simpler Student Visa Processing Introduced

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Mumbai: Canada has introduced a faster and simpler visa processing mechanism for students from India, China, Vietnam and Philippines.

  1. The latest policy changes by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) now makes Canadian Study permit easier for Indian students as well as for the other three countries.
  2. As per the new policy, India students now need only 45 days to get their student visa for Canada.
  3. Indian students now have the option of applying for study permit for Canada or the Student Visa for Canada under the newly introduce Student Direct Stream (SDS) program.
  4.  The SDS programme is a step up from the previous Student Partner Programs, SPP.
  5. SPP was available to students under reduced documentation for visas for about 40 institutes.
  6. However, the SDS is more inclusive and effectively reduced the processing time from 60 days to 45 days, which was introduced in early June.
  7. The requirements for SDS would be the same as that for SPP or a study permit to Canada, Ontario-based immigration law specialist and managing director at Migration Bureau Corp, Talha Mohani was quoted by TOI.
  8.  Students would have to provide proof of financial lucidity by means of purchasing a bond of $10,000 for one year of study stay in the country as well as language proficiency to apply for the visa.

As per various study abroad consultants, the increasing concerns over H1B visas and the on-going political uncertainty under Trump administration has pushed Indian students more towards Canada.



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