Want To Burn Your Belly Fat Fast? Eat These Delicious Foods


Burning the belly fat has always been a targeted yet formidable task for those aspiring to lose weight. You need to perspire harder in the gym or at the workout schedule to shred that stubborncircumferential bad fat around the waist.

A lot depends on the structure of the body. Here is a list of delicious food list with a combination list. Keep up your exercise schedule while having this food.

1.      Yogurt

Go in for this dairy product. You might want to restrict it a bit if you have hormonal imbalance issue like PCOS. You might want to concentrate more on stabilising the metabolism part and digestive system of your body if you want to get a belly fat renovation. The fat content is absolutely negligible. It’s a good idea to include this in the early morning diet regime.

What it does?

Installs good bacteria in the colon.

A robotics giving positive impact on immune and cardio vascular system.

The lactic acid bacteria can help in lessening lactose intolerance.

2. Bananas

An abundant source of potassium and carbohydrate too… Yes! This is the one stop go getter for getting that adrenaline rush for kick starting the gym.This fruit has the reputation of instigating energy in the form of calorie required to get the drive started. Of course its alkalinity does some neutralisation of the high hydrochloric acid formation inside the stomach lining. You need alkaline to neutralise the concentrating acid inside the body lab. This is the natural anti acid.

Altogether, while elevating the reputation of the fruit, I can say it is an antioxidant too. So, get that straight inside your cerebral hemisphere that you can aid this in your diet to health minor internal injury if any, with this fruit. The driver inside the food responsible to restore the PH balance is potassium.

3. Avocados

I usually rely blindly on anything that is green with a positive mindset. Green is the trademark of nutrition house store.

This delicious belly burning fruit has all that the body craves for during a weight loss journey. It has 20 types of vitamins and minerals plus phyto-nutrients.

Although we are looking for a fat cutter, still some good fat needs to be conserved if possible, added over the body flesh. Mostly, good fat i.e. mono or poly unsaturated fat augments good HDL. Avocado is a storehouse of 75% good fat, which is our heart’s requirement.

Using this delicious fat burner in the form of a smoothie coupled with some banana and apples would be a great idea for breakfast.

Combination Belly Fat Cutters

You can also form an energy bar of your own. Let us check out some combination energy and nutrient boosters.

4. Chicken and Cayenne

You want protein? You got it all in chicken. You can add a dash of cayenne pepper to the roasted chicken. While we are aiming to integrate the protein from the chicken, we do not want to get bloated due to the same. This pepper comes in handy with digestion supporting enzymes. Capsaicin is an active ingredient that actually helps in breaking down the protein inside to convert it into good fat. To combat acidity, if any, we can drink a glass of lemon or aloe vera juice.

5. Bell peppers and Eggs

These are another source of exclusive protein content. They serve as a pivot element in Ketogenic diet. Some sources declare it as vegan too. So people opting for a vegetarian diet and intent on avoiding non-vegan can find refuge in this combination, be it in the form of an omelette or poached egg with a bunch of finely cut and mildly roasted bell peppers. Vegetables in the roasted form are better. To make things look colourful, you can add red and yellow bell pepper. The Vitamin C in bell pepper boosts skin radiance, which cannot be ignored when you are losing weight.

6. Oatmeal and Berries

You want to give your body some fibrous aid along with energy. Oatmeal is a one stop solution to the same. It makes for a filling food giving an illusion to the brain that you don’t need anything to eat for at least the next three hours but the irony is it digests a lot faster than you can imagine. So, schedule your oatmeal intake intelligently. I recommend it as an afternoon dessert or for breakfast. Ghrelin, a hormone that boosts hunger pangs is smoothly tamed by oatmeal servings. Even the cooking format is quite simple. Either simply boil it in milk or water or add some veggies to add colour and more nutrients to it. To augment the storehouse of nutrients and taste you can top it with berries.

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries! These are nothing but purported antioxidants that oxidise forming a good mechanism for detoxification.

7. Pistachios and Almonds

This is the dry fruits part. They are inevitable for a weight loss regime. They are part of the good food.

Dry fruits spam the hunger pangs and add good fats to the body temple. They are important for a lustrous skin tone.

8. Sweet Potatoes and Greek Yogurt

Potatoes are often considered a culprit. However, it may surprise many that sweet potato triggers fat loss.

Everyone has a weight reduction or fitness goal and at the end of the day, everyone follows the diet that suits him/her. But these foods are good for any body type . One can have them at any time of the day, at meal time or between meals.