What Should Imran Worry About? Bail To Rivals Or Marital Woes!

Bhubaneswar: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s third wife Bushra Bibi is rumoured to have shifted to Lahore from the country’s capital of Islamabad amid reports of a rough patch in their marriage, says ThePrint in an editorial.

The report also talks of some mysterious goings-on inside Khan’s sprawling mansion in Bani Gala. There is talk of slaughtered animals’ heads guarding the bedroom, the couple slathering black lentils on themselves and worshipping animistic deities. Khan’s wife is known to believe in and take part in mysterious supernatural activities.

But the report goes on to say Imran should be more worried about what’s going on outside his house. There is the possibility of a mid-term election, which Khan himself hinted at, and lobbying for the removal of Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar, in whose appointment Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi is reported to have had a hand.

Days after Buzdar’s appointment, his cabinet members started calling him incapable. He has only reinforced the criticism with his comedic press conferences after which he has become a butt of memes in Pakistan. There are also some serious allegations of interference in the transfer of a police officer who stopped Bushra’s former husband at a blockade. Calls for Buzdar’s removal have peaked now. Khan has conveyed his displeasure at Buzdar’s move of giving a pay hike to Punjab assembly lawmakers but has indicated he may not sack him.

The heat on him is perhaps the most worrying point for Bushra. And that is affecting the marriage and leading to marital arguments, observers say.

But, the article goes on to say, Khan should worry more about the “corrupts” he had attacked. The country’s top courts have granted bail to the Sharifs and Zardari-Bhuttos. These developments show that Pakistan’s powerful military establishment is worried about Khan’s performance and wants to keep other options on standby.