Find Out Why CBSE Wants The Class To Practise Amitabh’s Dialogue

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New Delhi: Cooking mouth-watering delicacies or spouting dialogues like Amitabh Bachchan could fetch one marks in internal exams from the 2019-20 academic session.

If might sound unconventional, but the CBSE considers it a meaningful way of encouraging “joyful learning” in classrooms.

According to a report in the Times of India, the board is planning to integrate “art with the teaching/learning process” of all academic subjects for Class I-XII.

As a first step towards achieving the goal, CBSE has mandated two periods of “art integrated education/learning” every week from the new academic calendar.

The TOI report said the suggestions are a process of helping students comprehend regular subjects better. The board explains it best by suggesting to schools that a poem can be taught to students by setting it to the tune of a Bollywood number or breaking it up into separate lines and converting them into dialogues spoken in the style of movie stars.

This unique teaching methodology, says the board, will help students grasp the curriculum content in a better way.

The CBSE’s rationale for introducing art education/learning stems from NCERT’s position paper (National focus group on arts, music, dance and theatre).

It says: “In the current situation, our approach to organise the curriculum is to present knowledge as a package”.

The board added that this format of knowledge is associated with the rituals of examinations to assess where marks become a way of judging competence in the subject area.



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