OB Special- Bali Jatra


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OB SPecial- Bali jatra

As darkness beats a lazy retreat and silhouettes await detail and colour from the first morning rays, we Odias wake up to the pleasant memory of another age. A soft glow from deep in time shoves off the early morning daze and fills us with soothing energy as we troop out of homes with miniature boats to pay tribute to our ancients. It is the day of Kartika Purnima, time to remind ourselves again that we are part of a glorious heritage. Our boats floating in aimless abandon in constricted water bodies are perhaps a reminder of how much we have shrunk from the days the sadhavas ruled the waves and set sail in their majestic vessels to far off lands. The fair that follows as tribute to our mercantile tradition is perhaps a much diminished version of what happened then. But then let’s be thankful to the ritual of boita bandana and the idea of Bali Jatra. Through them lives on a part of our wonderful past.

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