Corona Notes: Uncertain Times Seek Answers About Uncertainty

As a dreaded virus spreads its tentacles across the world, it is imperative to share experiences and learnings for benefit of different communities. In this Odisha Bytes special series titled Corona Notes, we would publish articles by people residing in different countries and continents on how they are coping with the COVID challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has struck the world at a time when my mind has wandered in the quest to find answers to uncertainty.

For instance, why does uncertainty perplex some people while others like entrepreneur Elon Musk conjure up and conceptualize ambitious projects that mankind has never thought of.

Is it a desire of taking control of one’s destiny or the ability to predict and prepare for a secure future that also creates ripples of anxiety?

Nature, however, has its own way of reminding us to let go of things. Living in the times of information bombardment, the corona disaster is making headlines around the world. The fact that some of my friends are washing hands multiple times these days and supermarket shelves are turning empty remind us that both extra carefulness and panic are among the signs of the times we live in.

My thoughts go out to all those in the healthcare system. A careworker’s sense of duty when she bursts into tears managing her fears while submitting herself in the care of the elderly. Thousands of volunteers trying selflessly to help the communities whether bringing food/medicine for the vulnerable, helping with hospital laundry, caring for the critical workers’ children or taking care of the homeless. Kids, who should have been in school, are keenly aware of the evil virus wreaking havoc around the world and making crafts for the poor and less fortunate. In Italy, engineers have redesigned snorkel masks for use as ventilators helping save many people in Europe.

In local communities, people have started reaching out to their neighbours. Friends and families are connected to each other on video chats. Teams in office are mostly working remotely. Parents forced to juggle work and family life are coming up with creative ways to keep kids occupied with more meaningful interaction.

As actor Goldie Hawn, who runs a signature programme MINDUP on kids, once said, “All that you want to pass onto the next generation that one day they grow up to say no matter what the hardships never give up!”

A sense of being connected with every life that gives meaning to your life and the faith that world will spring back with double its energy and love once this madness is cured, will keep us fighting fit in these testing times.

Artist David Hockney’s image of daffodils titled, ‘Do Remember, They Can’t Cancel The Spring’ is an eloquent commentary on why we should hold on to our sanity and maintain cheer amid all the gloom that the virus has spread. Hockney, now 83, who spoke with BBC from his Normandy home where he’s working on his iPad, also reminded humanity that the cause of death is birth and that the source of all art is love.

“I love life,” the artist said.

Yes we all live because we love life. And because life is all about love.


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