Fact Check: Can COVID-19 Be Cured With Aspirin?

New Delhi: A message has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp and other social media platforms, which claims that COVID-19 is a bacteria and not a virus. The government has warned against this message. Posting a message about the WhatsApp forward, the Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) fact check team has asked people to not believe in such messages.

The fake message claims that in Singapore, an autopsy of a person who died of Covid was conducted and it was found that COVID-19 is actually a bacteria and can be cured with anticoagulants like aspirin.

The viral message claims that a study has been conducted on the aspirin’s role in curing the coronavirus disease.

“A forwarded #WhatsApp message claims that #COVID19 is not a virus but a bacteria and it can be cured with anticoagulants like aspirin. This claim is #FAKE! #COVID19 is a virus not a bacteria. It can not be cured with anticoagulants like aspirin,” PIB fact check said in a tweet on Tuesday.

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