How To Rat-Proof Your Car

Cuttack: Have rats eaten up your car’s wires? Made holes in the engine bay? Not only can this be dangerous, it can also lead to expensive repair bills.

Here are ways on how to keep rodents away from your car:

  1. Keep the area clean
    Fill up potential hiding and breeding spots for rodents. Cover drains properly and avoid parking near litter.
  2. No food zone
    Food crumbs and dustbins near your parking areas can attract rats and mice. Food is essential for their survival.
  3. Lights
    Rats like dark places. You can angle lights towards your car to prevent rodents from sleeping inside.
  4. Rat repellant sprays
    There are many commercially available sprays that you can apply to your car’s wires and other areas. The smell usually deters rodents. You can reapply in a couple of months.
  5. Ultrasonic devices
    You can also use ultrasonic speakers that emit sound not audible to humans and pets. These can help prevent rodents from entering the area.
  6. Chilly tapes
    You can cover your car’s wires by using tapes coated with chilly. Rodents do not like this and will not bite them. OEMs like Honda also make them.
  7. Poison
    You can place rat poison available in solid forms at strategic locations. Do note that this will kill rodents and if they die inside your house, it will smell bad.
  8. Pets
    Rodents are scared of pets such as cats and dogs.
  9. Trap
    The oldest trick is to use mouse traps with baits. You can also use sticky-tape traps on which rats will immediately stick and cannot move.


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