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Promise To Set Up A ‘Ministry Of Happiness’ In This Election Manifesto!

This is election season, and it’s time for politicians to woo voters with promises galore.

With assembly polls in four states and one union territory knocking on the doors, political parties have been going on overdrive and trying to outdo each other in their election manifesto.

If Trinamool Congress, the ruling party in West Bengal, has said it will give students a special credit card with Rs 10 lakh limit, the Congress-led UDF in Kerala has proposed setting up a ‘Ministry of Happiness’.

“It’s an integrated manifesto. We are open to businesses, there will be Investor Protection Act. Strikes and forced closures will be banned. There will be Ministry of Happiness as well,” Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said during the release of the manifesto on Saturday.

The Congress, which is looking to get back to power in the single-phase election to be held on April 6, has also promised a Rs 2,000 monthly pension to homemakers, 5 kg free rice to all white cardholders and Rs 5 lakh homes to the poor.

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