Salute Of Bright Flares By ICG Ships off Puri & Paradip Coasts

Bhubaneswar: In another show of appreciation of corona warriors by the armed focres, the illuminated ships of the Indian Coast Guard passed Paradip and Puri coasts on Sunday evening.

Three OPV class ships — ICGS Sujay, ICGS Vijaya and ICGS Varad — came close to the Odisha and Bengal coasts in the day time, all prepared for the evening event. As it got dark, the decks of ICGS Vijaya at Puri coast and ICGS Sujaya at Paradip were illuminated with green light. Illumination flares of green colour were also fired from the ships.

The crew of the ships clapped in tandem with firing of the coloured flares to express their gratitude to the medical professionals, health and hygiene officials and police personnel who have been tirelessly trying to save the lives of the people from the scourge of coronavirus.

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