Watch: HistoryTV Comes Calling To Similipal

Bhubaneswar: Did you know that the country’s second largest national park is in Odisha? Here, we are talking about Similipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district, which gets its name from ‘semul’ (red cotton) trees that abounds inside the reserve. This tiger reserve has caught the attention of HistoryTV and on World Wildlife Day, the channel has posted a video tour of the wild under its #OMGOdisha series.

Presenting the rich biodiversity is actor and traveller, Sameer Kevin Roy, who is clearly smitten by the beauty of Similipal. The video shows a variety of animals, ranging from the state animal deer to elephants, gaurs and the biggest draw – the Royal Bengal tiger. Roy was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one lurking through the dense forests.

Roy’s driver and guide Abdul informs that the animals inside Similipal are not tagged with tracking devices and roam freely. The census of animals is done in a traditional way. Fresh sand is laid at a place and the next day it is scanned for footprints. In the video, footprints of leopard cubs are observed.

Similipal has a lot more to offer beyond animals. The park is home to ‘Mahu Bhandar’ a place from where around 80 quintal of pure honey is extracted every year. The 2700 square km park also houses many waterfalls and other water bodies. The Barehipani Fall is 400 metres in height and the second longest in India, according to the guide. The park also has watch towers and places to spend a day amid the green and wild.

As part of the #OMGOdisha series, Roy is filming other places in the state and has telecasted his visit to Pahala, a place famous for rasagolas, and Cuttack for the millennia-old silver filigree work.

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