What To Do If You Get Diesel Particulate Filter Warning In Your BS6 Car?

Bhubaneswar: Do you own a BS6 diesel car? Did you know it comes with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that can get clogged with soot?

DPF is used to reduce emissions, particularly black soot smoke as seen in older diesel vehicles. This soot, however, needs to be regenerated or burnt with high exhaust temperature periodically.

How to regenerate DPF?

If you get the DPF warning light on your vehicle, you will need to clear the DPF. This can be done by revving the engine or doing highway runs. If the light still persists, you will have to take it to a professional to get a forced regeneration. Usually, a DPF cleaner is added to the fuel to reduce the temperature at which soot burns.

How to prevent DPF clogging?

If you are doing enough highway driving, then exhaust temperature remains high for a long time and the soot is burned off. The regeneration happens passively and you won’t notice any warning.

Also, DPF needs to be manually cleaned according to the service manual.

Poor quality fuel can also lead to more clogging.

Most new diesel vehicles in India were fitted with DPF post the BS6 regulation in April, 2020.


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