10 Awe-Inspiring Tales From Humans Of Bhubaneswar

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every story matters, and the difficult path covered by those with commendable positivity needs to be told as an example for others.

Humans of Bhubaneswar, a social platform towards this goal, celebrated two years of its journey at Biggies Burger in Bhubaneswar on Sunday. As many as 10 speakers narrated their experiences of dealing with life situations and how they struggled to cover the path less travelled. The evening began with journalist-cum-anchor-storyteller Prachitara describing how one can stay motivated after being hit by life’s hardest truths.

“I have always been criticised for my looks, but that made me stronger inside to make more beautiful paintings,” said micro artiste Susrita Samantaray, whose paintings have been exhibited at Global Boi Economic Summit in Berlin.

The audience was equally amazed by A Soumya Rao’s daunting spirit. Despite her hearing and speech disorders, she has set a perfect example for many as she owns and manages two start-ups.

“My love for Odishi dance has brought me from Mumbai. I am doing a documentary film on Odishi,” said cinematographer Yamini Makeswar. The founder of city-based Phoenix Film Lab, Vijay Kishore, narrated how he went about making his dream project come true and advised youngsters to stay connected to their roots.

Engineer-turned-food blogger Rohit Srivastava spoke about his journey of making ‘FoodFindo’ a career option.

“The deities of Hindu culture have always inspired me and their supreme power has always empowered me while dealing with life’s truths,” said an ambitious LGBT activist, Raunak, who is studying Fashion Designing at NIFT, Bhubaneswar. Life skills trainer Zahid Akhtar shared his story of love and hope in adverse situations.

Popular stand-up comedian Alokesh Sinha narrated the journey of his shows from flop to being house full. Professor of English Debashis Panda narrated how change in student-teacher relation has shaped his life.

“In the last two years we have covered 150 stories of which 112 have been published. Our objective is to make people feel they are not alone in their path,” said Abhishek Singh, founder, Humans of Bhubaneswar.