Aspiring Chef Left A Lasting Impression On English Hockey Team

Bhubaneswar: An engineer with passion for cooking and baking impressed the English hockey team during the Hockey World Cup.

Prachit, a manager at BOCCA cafe, was handling their orders for breads. “The last time the English team was in Bhubaneswar, it ended up with food poisoning. So this time, they were extra careful about food. They had approached two different places for breads and ours was the second choice. Since the first ditched them, BOCCA was chosen,” he said.

The English team had their own personal eating space at SMOG Restro Cafe where there were five other chefs. “They would request for different kinds of bread. I would take the order and then explain to the chef,” he added.

He spent three to four hours at the temporary kitchen every day and help the chefs in whichever way he could. “The team effort paid off because we all ensured that they had a good food experience,” he said.

On the personal front, Prachit has always been keen on learning culinary skills. “We have an 85-year-old hotel in Berhampur, started by my grandfather. I wanted to go to a culinary school to learn the basics. However, I ended up with engineering. I skipped the placements and approached BOCCA and back then, they did not have any vacancy in the kitchen, so I was employed as a manager,” he further said.

The English team gave Prachit a signed jersey. He got one of his T-shirts signed by them too.