Celebrities in Odisha practise yoga to stay fit and calm

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Yoga benefits all, irrespective of age and the work schedule. It helps you through the stresses of today’s hectic modern lifestyle. This ancient practice of keeping the body and mind healthy has gained enormous popularity across countries in last three to four years. For that natural glow on face, to remaining fit and de-stressing, celebrities have added yoga to their daily workout regime. Let us find out how committed Odia celebrities are to yoga:

Anu Choudhury: The asanas have helped me restore inner peace. Yoga has healing power, which enhances the energy level of body and mind. A good yoga session is a must for sound sleep and to keep several diseases at bay.

Akash Das Nayak: Juggling between politics and acting, I lead a stressful life with erratic working schedule. If time permits, I practise Kapalbharti Pranayam . I have also introduced yoga in Adarsh Vidyalayas.

Bhoomika Dash: Yoga has helped me tackle the problems associated with teenage. I have been practising the asanas along with my mother since very young age. It has helped me to stay calm amid chaos and patiently deal with difficult situations. The results may not be visible immediately, but it benefits in the long run.



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