Five Reasons Behind BJP’s Emphatic Win

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If 2014 was called the Modi wave, little did one imagine that 2019 would turn out to be a tsunami for the saffron party.

In their analysis, media houses have put forth several factors for the party’s emphatic victory. Here’s five of them:

1. PM Modi’s charisma and mass appeal:

The PM has captured the imagination of the voters like few other leaders in recent past. The verdict reflects people’s emphatic ratification of his government’s policies.

2. The resounding success in the Hindi heartland states:

One of the factors that contributed to the BJP-led NDA’s success was its striking rate in the Hindi heartland states. In states such as Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, BJP had lost to the Congress in the assembly polls last year. But people chose to vote for the party once again in the Lok Sabha polls.

Uttar Pradesh: 62 (2014:72)
Madhya Pradesh:27 (2014:27)
Rajasthan: 24 (2014:25)
Bihar: 37 (2014:32)

3. BJP breached the Eastern wall and entered new territories:

The party extended its influence into unchartered territories such as West Bengal, Odisha and Assam. They were helped to a large extent by the toil put in by the RSS at the grassroots level. In areas where they needed to consolidate rapidly, they simple enlisted the existing influential leaders and strategists. A prime example of this is Himanta Biswa Sarma, who has delivered astonishing victories for the BJP in the North East.

4. BJP took hard lessons from its recent electoral reverses:

After losing the 2018 assembly elections, the PM rolled out new schemes and programmes to woo back the farming community and the middle class who were gradually distancing themselves from the party. The 10 per cent quota for economically weaker classes, income Tax relief, pensions for unorganised sector were all steps towards enrolling the poor and lower income group electorate. The annual farm income scheme for the farmers also produced the desired results for the party.

5. A weak opposition:

As poll strategist had already predicted, the voters were averse to a fractured verdict, which would have pushed the country into uncertain times and a non-performing government. The people of India have rejected the Congress, particularly under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. The negative campaign unleashed by Rahul and the low level of political discourse left people disenchanted and baffled about what Congress would bring to the table.