Unsolved Mysteries Of Jagannath Temple!

Puri: There are some unsolved mysteries about Jagannath Temple in Puri which neither any scientist nor the exponent has been able to explain till date.

Some of these unsolved mysteries are as follows:

The Patitapabana Bana (Flag put on the Shikara or the peak of the main temple)
The flag which the servitors put up on the Neelachakra at the peak of the main temple blows in the opposite direction of the wind which no scientist has been able to explain.

The Neela Chakra (Blue wheel)
The Neela Chakra on which the flag is hoisted has a unique design. This massive wheel seen from different angle appears facing towards the devotees.

Wind direction
Usually in the coastal areas, the wind flows from the sea towards the land during the day and from land towards the sea in the night. But in Puri, the wind blows from the sea towards the Jagannath Temple in the night.

The birds
Another feature of the Jagannath temple is that no bird flies over the temple and no bird’s nest is found in any part of the temple.

No temple shadow
There is no shadow of the temple at any time of the day.

The Mahaprasad of the Lords
It is believed that the Mahaprasad, the holy food of the Lords, is prepared under the supervision of Goddess Laxmi, the better half of Lord Jagannath. Even a single grain of the Mahaprasad never goes waste. The food is cooked only in earthen pots which are placed one over the other in the temple kitchen. But the mystery is that the pot placed at the top gets cooked first.

Baishi Pahacha (22 stairs)
After entering the temple premises, one cannot hear the roars of the sea and waves after crossing one stair of the Baishi Pahacha. But the sound is heard while returning from the temple. It is believed that this phenomena occurs as Devi Subhadra wants tranquility in the temple.